Hydro Technology Motors GmbH

Future of sustainable mobility

"Our goal at HTM is to develop the first hydrogen-powered hybrid powertrain for almost any vehicle, whether industrial solution or individual mobility." - Maximilian Wack, CEO



TCO better than competitors

System efficiency

Internal combustion engine > 40% hybrid system - consumption reduction up to 50%


2 - 3 min


Sustainable from production to recycling

Local emissions

CO2 zero - without exhaust gas aftertreatment Euro 6



By consistently creating a powertrain from the outset that can be better than any other in terms of overall sustainability, we are able to achieve advantages in many categories.


Thanks to our partner Westfalen AG, we can offer mobile hydrogen filling stations as a Mobility-as-a-Service package for your company's fleet use to counteract the infrastructural problem.


Fuel cell vehicles are currently still far too expensive and also contain rare materials, which in turn poses a problem for sustainability.


8 - 10 % of industrial solutions already require alternative drive options, whereby no supplier is able to offer these at the current level. Furthermore, battery electric drives cannot be used here due to the infrastructure in the vehicle as well as the long charging times.

HTM Hydro Technology Motors GmbH